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1) Conference papers
2015 Bangkok Conference Abstracts
2016 Online Conference Abstracts
2016 Online Conference Papers

2) VM Academy Research Articles

VM Academy Online Journal Articles on this website

3) IAVM Webinar Series

1st Webinar: "A New Approach to Teaching Calculus"  16th June 2016 (Kenneth Williams)
2nd Webinar: "A New Approach to Teaching Areas on Graphs and Trigonometric Identities" (James Glover)
3rd Webinar: "A New Approach to the Teaching of Proportion"  (James Glover)
4th Webinar: "Geometric Explorations in Yantras" (Vinay Nair)
5th Webinar: "Astronomy and the 9-Point Circle"  19th February 2017 (Kenneth Williams)
2018 October: "Calculating HCF and LCM Mentally"  Kuldeep Singh
2018 November: "Vertically and Crosswise-the short version" Kenneth Williams


4) Research Books
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The Vedic Mathematics Research Group is for anybody interested in following or contributing to the development and research of Vedic Mathematics. The aim is to act as a conduit for like-minded people to share their insights, questions and discussions concerning the VM sutras and their applications. The group will also keep you informed with any ongoing VM events such as workshops, talks or seminars.
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7) PDF Documents from Dr. S. K. Kapoor on Vedic Geometry

1. Steps to glimpse and imbibe the organization format features of text of vedic ganita sutras and Upsutras 
2. Integrated format of Vedic Ganita Sutras and Upsutras 

3. Structural keys of vedic ganita sutras 
4. Vedic Ganita Sutras unlock interlocked artifices of numbers and dimensional frames 
5. Vedic Ganita Sutras’ mathematics of Transcendental seal at the origin seat, 0-space, negative spaces and synthesis of negative number of negative dimensional spaces 

1. Vedic Ganita Sutras mathematics of Transcendental lock at Surya Nabhi / Orb of Sun / Origin of 6-space
2. Number zero mathematics of Vedic Ganita Sutras 5 and 6

3. Number one mathematics of Vedic Ganita Sutras 1 and 14
4. Spatial order mathematics of Ganita Sutra 13

1. Transcendental space format
2. Vedic mathematics Science and Technology, Learning and Teaching take off format core features steps

3. Vedic Ganita Upsutra – 4, Mathematics of linear order powers reach only up till 7th power
4. Vedic Ganita Sutra 2 Mathematics and of Sathapatya of Kewailya Pada of Patanjal Yog Darshan Sutras

1. Basic Information about Vedic Mathematics
2. TCV Dictionary of formulations of Devnagri alphabet

3. Existence within human frame
4. Sathapatya (geometric formats) of Sankhiya (numbers values) Of text of Padas 1 to 4 of Patanjal Yog Darshan Sutras text

Conclusion Statement

PHASE 5  Geeta Sathapatya
5.1. Geometric Formats of the Bhagavat Geeta          5.2. Eighteen Yoga Discipline          5.3. Sankhiya Yoga Discipline             5.4. Swastik Sathapatya          5.5. Unified (7-space) State
         5.6. Sathapatya Printout of Existence within Human Frame          5.7. Yogic State Sathapatya         5.8. Space element geometric format          5.9. Manifestation and Transcendence within space         5.10. Central Core of Geeta Sathapatya        5.11. Space Galaxy location path steps       5.12. Organization of Vedic knowledge is parallel with flow of transcendental content from orb of the Sun through rays of the Sun       5.13. Full and Half Unit & Half, half unit bodies of 0 to 10 spaces

PHASE 6  Atharav Ved
6.1. Atharav Ved        6.2. Paramvihom Sathapatya of Existence Phenomenon within Human Frame        6.3. Sathapatya of Surya (Sun) and Manav Shareer (Human Body)        6.4. Sathapatya of Charak Samhita Source Scripture of Ayurved, upved of Rigved         


Vedic Knowledge Systems Formats
Leads Papers
Part 1 Existence Phenomenon

Panini Sathapatya  
Paper 1 Existence within Human Frame 
Paper 2 Transcendental content flow through Rays of Sun  
Paper 3 6-space dimensional frame for Vedic Knowledge


Article 4 Text Orgnisation Features  
Article 5 Panini Ashtadhyayi Text Orgnisation Foundation  
Article 6 Transfer of Space Content (Dravya), Manifested Structures ( Shristhi) and Formats (Satta) from one Reservoir to another Reservoir coordinated in Cyclic Order (Yogchakra)

Part 3 Mathematics of Panini Ashthadhyayi

Article 7 Sathapatya of Nasadiya Sukta Text, Rigved Mandal 10 Sukta 129 Richas 1 to 7. 
Article 8 Shiv Sankalap Astu : 'Let resolves be transcendental’.

Part 4 ‘Sanskrit : Mathematics as a speaking language’

Article 9 Mimansa – Vedanta : Basis base values of Panini Ashthadhayayi Sutras  
Article 10 Shanti Visphot / Silence explosion & Visphot Shanti / Explosion Silence 
Article 11 ‘Mental Foundation for to be Parallel with Mathematics of Panini Ashtadhyayi Text’



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