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A brief introduction to those involved in Vedic Mathematics


Tirthaji Portrait

Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji (1884-1960)

Jagadguru Sankaracarya Sri Bharati Krsna Tirtha Maharaja was the the Shankaracarya (major religious leader) of Govardhana Math Puri. He is said to have reconstructed the ancient system of Vedic Mathematics from certain Sanskrit texts. All that is left of his work is an introductory text called 'Vedic Mathematics'.

  Kenneth Williams
Email: Kenneth Williams
His career has been as a maths teacher in schools, colleges and universities. Has been invited to many countries to teach Vedic Maths and has developed a range of material for teaching/learning the subject, which are available through this web site (see the Shop).
Kenneth's Curriculum Vitae
James Glover

James has been teaching and researching VM for many years and has given many talks and courses on the subject around the world. Chairman of the IAVM (Institute for the Advancement of Vedic Mathematics) and author of 'Vedic Mathematics for Schools' Books 1,2 and 3.
Swati Dave
An educational and project management consultant with over 20 years of experience in the fields of civil engineering, project management, education, non-profits and teaching/training. Swati is a certified Vedic Math teacher, and is teaching Vedic Math as a part of after school programs in the USA. She  likes working with young minds and strongly believe that educators and parents can work together to make math learning fun for all kids.

Vera Stevens
Email: Vera Stevens
Vera's speciality is teaching young learners and those who have difficulty with understanding arithmetic. She has written her first teacher's manual "Pebble Maths" and is shown here with one of her very happy students, Ella (who went from the bottom of her class, to the top in a matter of 3 months). http://www.pebblemaths.org/
Interview: http://actontv.org/on-demand/post-video/be-my-guest-episode-8-july-2016
Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkOgipA2SuI
Episode 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWISihtmrZw
Episode 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNr99Y5htbc
Episode 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_2sUY2E_8Y
Episode 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rhn1GL93zBM

  Rick Blum
Email: Rick Blum
Richard is an Actuary who has been teaching Vedic Math nationally and internationally for over 15 years. He is also the author of “Math is Not a Four Letter Word – An Introduction to the Study of Vedic Mathematics.”
  Dr. Brian Mc Enery holds a PhD in Computational Physics from University College Cork, and has been conducting research into strategies for presenting vedic mathematics through animation based software platforms for the past 15 years. During this time he has made presentations on vedic mathematics at all levels throughout the educational system in Ireland, including presentations to government agencies. Presently he has initiated the Core Computational Project amongst the aims of which is to develop a software engine for presenting vedic computational knowledge on a variety of platforms.
Clive Middleton
is the Web Master for this site. Hopes at some point to spend some time mastering the techniques of Vedic Mathematics, rather than sorting the technical side of this web site. Currently he is helping to develop an Internet based course on Vedic Mathematics based on the material written by Kenneth Williams, for this web site.
  Other authors of books on Vedic Mathematics
  Mark Gaskell

Formerly a teacher of mathematics at the Maharishi school in Skelmersdale to students between 11 and 16 years of age. He helped develop the Cosmic Calculator Vedic Mathematics course which he taught to students at the school.
  Andrew Nicholas

Co-author of 'Introductory Lectures on Vedic Mathematics' and 'Vertically and Crosswise'.
Geometry for an Oral Tradition.
The Circle Revelation.
  Jeremy Pickles (1946-2006)

Co-author of 'Introductory Lectures on Vedic Mathematics' and 'Vertically and Crosswise'.
Dr. S.K.Kapoor

Researcher of Vedic Mathematics and has written several books on his work which concentrates on a multi-dimensional approach. See his web site for further details www.vedicganita.org

Combines work in Sacred Geometry with Vedic Mathematics. His work has a special emphasis on teaching especially children. See his web site for further details www.jainmathemagics.com
  Pradeep Kumar

Founder of the orgnisation Magical Methods, which promotes the teaching of Vedic Mathematics.


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