Whilst performing a web search for books on Vedic Mathematics (last updated in April-May 2016), we came across these non-English volumes on Vedic Mathematics.

Please note that as we do not speak these languages, we cannot verify the quality or appropriateness of these books, and provide this list in the hope that it helps some people from other countries gain an understanding of Vedic Mathematics.

N.B. the book "Vedic Mathematics Teacher's Manual - Elementary Level" available in the Free books section (see menu option on right) is currently available in six languages.


Vedic Mathematics Made Easy (Bengali edition)


Mathematics Tricks Using the Vedic System (Chinese Edition)

The India Vedic mathematics quick calculation training method (Traditional Chinese Edition)

Chinese (Taiwanese)

Indian Vedic Mathematics seconds algorithms (Taiwanese Chinese Edition)

The India Vedic mathematics: speed solution (Taiwanese Chinese Edition)


Beweisverfahren in der vedischen Sakralgeometrie: Ein Beitrag zur Entstchungsgeschichte von Wissenschaft (German)

Eine Einfuehrung in die Vedische Mathematik. Bequemer Rechnen fuer jedermann von 8 Jahren an. (German)

Blitz-Mathematik mit dem Vedischen System (German)


Vedic Mathematics Made Easy (Gujarati Edition)


Partiyogi Parikshaao ke Liye Vedic Ganit Made Easy (Hindi Edition)

Saral Vidic Ganit (Vedic Mathematics Made Easy) (Hindi Edition)

Vedic Ganit: The Original Vedic Mathematics (Hindi Edition)

Vedic Maths (Hindi Edition)


Vedic Mathematics: Do You Want To Learn The Magical Method Of Quick Calculation? (Japanese Edition)

Vedic Mathematics : for intelligent guesing (Japanese Edition)


Vedic Mathematics Made Easy (Kannada edition)


Indian Vedic mathematics: a miracle operation of law calculations faster (Korean edition)

Indian Vedic mathematics: the miracle of the shapes are easier to calculate a (Korean edition)

Indian Vedic Mathematics Best 3-piece set : Miracle Calculation Method (Korean edition)

Nolan Elementary Mathematics teacher flip. 31: Vedic mathematics (Korean edition)

Required core fast: study guide history of the calculation / estimate / calculation / Vedic mathematics (Korean edition)

Vedic mathematics for children (Korean edition)


Vedic Mathematics Made Easy (Malayalam Edition)


Vedic Ganitache Samarthya (Marathi Edition)

Vedic Mathematics Made Easy (Marathi Edition)


Vedic Mathematics Made Easy (Oriya Edition)


Vedic Mathematics Made Easy (Tamil Edition)

Vedic Maths - World's Fastest Mental Arithmetic System (Tamil Edition)


The Power of Vedic Maths (Telugu Edition)


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