Please find below a range of free books on the subject of Vedic Mathematics.

N.B. these books are mostly in English, except for the "Vedic Mathematics Teacher's Manual - Elementary Level", which has been translated into six languages (See Book tab).

A good free introductory ebook in Spanish can be found here.

[We would like to point that when searching for free material on Vedic Mathematics, you may need to be cautious, as we found that often the material would not be provided unless you carried out one of the following:-

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N.B. for the last option we often found Adobe Acrobat books with file names like "<Book Title>.pdf.exe". The ".exe" implying installation of a program on your computer which is not necessary for a document to be readable by the Adobe Acrobat reader i.e. file names should just end with ".pdf". From our point of view, the best situation you can end up with is receiving spam email etc, with the worst scenario's being someone using your credit card or having virus's or spyware installed onto your computer. It should be noted that the above requirements are completely unnecessary to make material available for free and imply some non monetary cost to yourself.]

The free books available below are all simple Adobe Acrobat PDF documents.

We only ask that you do not upload them to any other place on the Internet without consulting us first (and where the document is hosted on another website, please consult with the original author first).

Vedic Mathematics Teacher's Manual - Elementary Level

 Vertically and Crosswise



FREE PRACTICE SHEETS (& Sutras list etc.)

Mental Math Workouts

Vedic Math Genius


Free books Hosted on other websites

Fundamentals & Applications of Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Math Presentation

Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics Methods

Vedic Mathematical Concepts and Their Application
to Unsolved Mathematical Problems:
Three Proofs of Fermat's Last Theorem


Vedic Mathematics: Vedic or Mathematics: A Fuzzy and Neutrosophic Analysis



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