Sections of Books

Sections of Books on Vedic Maths

"Vedic Metaphysics", Bharati Krsna Tirthaji, 1979 (discourses given during his visit to the West in 1958). Chapter XII

"The Crest of the Peacock", George Gheverghese Joseph, 1991. Pages 243-249

"Multicultural Mathematics", David Nelson, George Gheverghese Joseph, Julian Williams, 1993. Pages 62-4, 106-118

"Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defence", Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Pages 302-395, 611-634.

Modern Science and Vedic Science, 8. Muehlman, J.M., 1998. Maharishiís Vedic Mathematics in elementary education: Developing all knowingness to improve affect, achievement and mental computation. Pages 37-101.
N.B. this is a 65 page summary of a Ph.D. dissertation by the same author.

"Ancient Indian Mathematics", T S Bhanu Murthy, 1992. Chapter 2.


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