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This electronic newsletter is produced to keep interested parties up-to-date with events occurring in relation to Vedic Mathematics.

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Below is a list of the main articles published in these newsletters.

Issue 139: Developing Tirthaji's Osculation Notation - K Williams
Issue 138: The Case for Bar Numbers - K Williams

Issue 137: Polynomial Osculation - K Williams
Issue 136: 9th Online VM Conference
Issue 135: Vedic Math Kickstarter Campaign

Issue 134: Math2Shine Expansion - Opportunities - Arathi Gupta
Issue 133: IAVM International Projects and Initiatives of 2021-2022
- S Dave
Issue 132: Osculator Magic - K Williams

Issue 131: Validity of the Vedic Formulae - K Williams
Issue 130: Structures in the Vedic Mathematics Sutras - K Williams
Issue 129: Research in Vedic Mathematics - K Williams

Issue 128:Summer School - S Ainapurapu
Issue 127:Tirthaji's Last List - K Williams
Issue 126:6th Online Conference Report
- M Fletcher
Issue 125:Sines and Cosines using Tirthaji’s Formula
- K Williams

Issue 124:4th VM Conference Report - IAVM
Issue 123:The Vedic Pictographic Alphabet
- R Hoff
Issue 122:Meet VM Trainer

Issue 121:All Methods are Vedic
- K Williams

Issue 120:Report on the 3rd International Vedic Mathematics Conference - J Glover
Issue 119:Vedic Math in the Philippines - V Prudente
Issue 118:4th Online Conference - J Glover
Issue 117:Conference Report
- J Glover

Issue 116:The Tiger's Nest - Payal & Kaustava
Issue 115:Developments in the Philippines - I Prudente
Issue 114:US High School Talk - F Marzano
Issue 113:3rd Online Vedic Mathematics Conference - J Glover
Issue 112:Letter to Dr Chandra
 - J Glover

Issue 111:An Analysis of My Workshop At a New York State Math Teachers’ Conference - N Annenberg
Issue 110:Vedic Maths as a tool for healing the mind

Issue 109:A Journey into Vedic Mathematics - S Gallegos
Issue 108: The Sub-Sutras - K Williams
Issue 107: Promoting Vedic Maths in Delhi - J Glover
Issue 106: VM at Teacher's Conference, Houston, TX - K K Das

Issue 105: Vedic Maths and Speed Maths - K Williams
Issue 104: My Recent VM Workshop - N Annenberg
Issue 103: Lines of Thought - K Williams
Issue 102: Vedic Maths at the World Sanskrit Conference - J Glover
Issue 101: My First Workshop - N Annenberg
Issue 100: Conference Report - Dr A Prasad
Issue 99: The many success stories of teaching Vedic and Pebble Maths in New Zealand
- J Mason

Issue 98: Fifth Power of Two digit numbers - S Dixit
Issue 97: Mathematics and Dyslexia
- V Stevens
Issue 96: Teaching Vedic Maths in Serbia - V Trajkovic
Issue 95: Supersutras - K Williams
Issue 94: The Potential of Vedic Maths
- P Dhar
Issue 93: Neuristics: Developing Neural Pathways for Holistic Thinking - Prof B McEnery
Issue 92: NIVS Conference - J Glover

Issue 91: How 'Vedic' is Vedic Mathematics? - K Williams

Issue 90: Variational Methods in Computation - Prof B McEnery
Issue 89: Universal Appeal of Vedic Math - R Blum
Issue 88: High School Student in Hauppauge, USA teaches Vedic Math in India - V Mehta
Issue 87: Bharati Krsna's Book - K Williams
Issue 86: My view about Vedic Mathematics and its relation with other fields of science - S R Ainapurapu
Issue 85: The Power of Vedic Mathematics - H Genosar

Issue 84: Learn Vedic Math, Develop Brain from Young - Math Monkey Asia
Issue 83: Cognitive Patterns in Vedic Mathematics - J Glover
Issue 82: Interview with Vera Stevens
Issue 81: The Vedic Math School - R Blum
Issue 80: The History of Numbers as it Relates to Children Today - V Stevens
Issue 79: About Chess and Vedic Mathematics - D Auroy
Issue 78: Why are there 16 Sutras? - R McNeil

Issue 77: Vedic Maths as a Teaching Paradigm - R McNeil
Issue 76: An Interesting VM Application - S Vogel
Issue 75: One Way of Looking at the Binomial Theorem - S Vogel
Issue 74: Nine Features of VM - K Williams
Issue 73: How Vedic Math Benefits Everyone - R Blum
Issue 72: Special and General Methods - K Williams

Issue 71: Nine-Point Circle with Negative Numbers - Dr K N Rauniar
Issue 70: Vedic Maths and Me - D Bramwell
Issue 69: Vedic Math Lecture in Springfield, Vermont - J van der Does
Issue 68: Thoughts on Vedic Math - R Jackson
Issue 67: When is Mathematics Vedic Mathematics? - K Williams

Issue 66: Math Monkey Helps Children Develop Love for the Subject
Issue 65: The Living Mathematics of Nature
Issue 64: Two Months in the City of Joy - Kolkata - G Tekriwal
Issue 63: 125th Anniversary of the Birth of Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji - K Williams
Issue 62: The effect of Vedic Method to perform multiplication and division on the achievement the pupils of the 5th grade in Aden - O M H Bagersh

Issue 61: First Visit to India - K Williams
Issue 60: Vedic Boosters for Speedy Programming - L Birajdar
Issue 59: Panel Discussion on VM - G Tekriwal

Issue 58: Center Aims to make Numbers Fun - Math Monkey Uses Games to Help Kids Master Calculations - L Romano
Issue 57: Delhi University's Gargi College Introduces Course in VM - S Sharma
Issue 56: India Leader [BKT] Cites Need for Oneness - R Mathison
Issue 55: The Famous Scientist Shri Satyen Bose & Jagat Guru Shri Shankaracharya - L N Jhunjhunwala

Issue 54: A Global Debate on Creative Computation - Dr B McEnery
Issue 53: 3D model of 'Vedic-computing paradox' - K K Raghuthaman
Issue 52: Why Vedic Mathematic's - A winners choice? - R Radhakrishnan
Issue 51: Vedic Maths - The way forward - A Das
Issue 50: Math Yoga - J Myers
Issue 49: Ten questions answered - Prof P K Srivathsa

Issue 48: Multiplying by Nine - A Kee
Issue 47: To Chase the Manifestation of Cube -Dr S K Kapoor
Issue 46: 3-Space Mathematics, Sciences and Technologies - Dr S K Kapoor
Issue 45: Research in Vedic Math (by 11-year old) - A Pattabiraram
Issue 44: Guess which Subject Lacks Sound Foundations II - A Nicholas
Issue 43: Guess which Subject Lacks Sound Foundations I - A Nicholas
Issue 42: The Divine Unity and Zero - R Sharma

Issue 41: Cracking the CAT? Use Vedic Maths - M Joseph
Issue 40: Modern Students Devour Old Math - M Joseph
Issue 39: Cosmic Trust Mathematics Cause - Dr S K Kapoor
Issue 38: Evolution of Simple Sums (Irish Project) - Dr B McEnery
Issue 37: VM Project - Dr S K Kapoor
Issue 36: Our Cosmic Heritage (from WAVM Brochure)

Issue 35: Letter from NCERT - Prof R D Shukla
Issue 34: Letter to NCERT Director - Dr L M Singhvi
Issue 33: Report of VM Workshops in Ranchi - Dr S K Kapoor
Issue 32: Kolkata Workshop - and Overview - D Banerjee
Issue 31: Why Vedic Mathematics? - Dr S K Kapoor
Issue 30: Vedic Mathematics (research paper) - M S Nataraj
Issue 29: Report on India Tour - K Williams

Issue 28: The Absolute Number - K Williams
Issue 27: Mathematics with Smiles: The Vedic Way - V Arora
Issue 26: Foreword - Dr L M Singhvi
Issue 25: Maharishi’s Vedic Mathematics - K Williams
Issue 24: The Sign of Nine - Dr A Das
Issue 23: India’s System of Mental Mathematics - A Nicholas
Issue 22: Multiplication on the Fingertips - R Sharma
Issue 21: Only a Matter of 16 Sutras - J Glover
Issue 20: Numeracy - M Derrington

Issue 19: “Maths Mantra” - S Iyer
Issue 18: 9 by 9 Division Table - L Di Martino
Issue 17: Vedic Sources of Vedic Mathematics - K Williams
Issue 16: Vedic Matrix - B S Stemn
Issue 15: A Descriptive Preparatory Note on the Astounding Wonders of Ancient Indian Vedic Mathematics - B K Tirthaji
Issue 14: 1,2,3,4: Pythagoras and the Cosmology of Number - P Westbrook

Issue 13: The Vinculum and other Devices - K Williams
Issue 12: Left to Right or Right to Left? - K Williams
Issue 11: Is Knowledge Essentially Simple? - A Nicholas
Issue 10: Proof of Goldbach's Conjecture - K Williams
Issue 9: The Vedic Triangle - B Salmon
Issue 8: The Nine Point Circle - K Williams
Issue 7: The Vedic Square - K Williams
Issue 6: The Sutras of Vedic Mathematics - K Williams

Issue 5: "Mathematics of the Millennium"- Seminar in Singapore - K Williams
Issue 4: The Vedic Numerical Code - K Williams
Issue 3: Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji: More than a Mathematical Genius - K Williams
Issue 2: "So What's so Special about Vedic Mathematics?" - K Williams
Issue 1: An Introduction - K Williams



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