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This issue’s article is titled “9TH ONLINE VEDIC MATHEMATICS CONFERENCE REPORT” and describes the recent successful Conference.
The IAVM team had an exciting line up of speakers for the next 3+ hours. Muthuselvi Parabhu, Tanmay Deepak, Angela Pierre and Ramya N. presented their research papers, and other speakers highlighted their experiences with Vedic Mathematics and their initiatives to promote VM.




Math2Shine, inspired by Vedic Math, has developed an innovative Ed-Tech solution that led to the successful 1st International Math2Shine Vedic Math competition. To make this competition a reality, Math2Shine partnered with Math-Inic in the Philippines and onboarded more than 50 teachers as Local coordinators. While some of these teachers were already well-versed in Vedic Math, others were given comprehensive Vedic Math training and a streamlined system to enroll students in the competition.

The efforts were fruitful, as over 1000 students eagerly joined the competition and were provided access to the Math2Shine Vedic Math learning and practice platform. Concurrently, the Local coordinators were equipped with a specialized Teacher Portal to monitor and engage their students effectively in learning Vedic Math methods. This pioneering approach, combining the expertise of teachers and the capabilities of Ed-Tech, significantly enhanced the overall student learning experience.

Feedback from both students and teachers about Math2Shine has been overwhelmingly positive. Remarkably, it was observed that all high-scoring participants had dedicated substantial time to practicing on the platform. This underlines the notion that proper motivation and access to suitable resources, particularly through Tutor Enabled and Data-Driven Vedic Math platforms, can profoundly impact a student's ability to retain learned concepts.

We also observed that the Ed-Tech Based Vedic Math Teacher Training brought a sense of wonder to many teachers. They were delighted with the training and effectively utilized the Teacher Portal, which not only reduced their administrative workload but also allowed them to focus on analyzing students' weak skills and revising relevant topics. It was inspiring to see how enthusiastic teachers were in implementing these innovative methods.

Moreover, some teachers were pleasantly surprised to discover that Math2Shine not only offered Vedic Math but also provided a high-quality School Curriculum. This comprehensive approach further added value to their teaching and broadened the scope of student learning possibilities. The integration of both Vedic Math and the School Curriculum proved to be a winning combination that excited and motivated both teachers and students alike.

In conclusion, Math2Shine's Ed-Tech solution, inspired by Vedic Math, has demonstrated its potential to revolutionize math education by effectively engaging students, empowering teachers, and fostering a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. The success of the first Math2Shine Vedic Math competition serves as a testament to the efficacy of this unique approach.

For inquiries regarding Math2Shine and training opportunities for students and teachers in Vedic Math, please feel free to reach out to us at . For further details about Math2Shine, you can visit our website at Additionally, you can find informative videos below to learn more about our programs and offerings. We look forward to assisting you on your math learning journey!

The Math2Shine Way

Students Portal

Tutors Portal

Watch a Sample of Vedic Maths

Students Feedback

Tutors Feedback



Marianne Fletcher, IAVM Trustee presented sixteen one-hour Vedic Maths Introduction workshops to about 2400 grade 6 to grade 9 pupils at the Kwalata Game Lodge and Conference Centre near Pretoria in South Africa from Tuesday 1 August to Friday 4 August 2023.

This occurred during the annual Science Unlimited Expo held at this Big Five wildlife reserve. The students picked up some fundamental methods related to the Vertically and Crosswise, Nikhilam and Yavadunam sutras. They were also shown how to apply some of the VM techniques to their school algebra.

The event was sponsored by the Gauteng Provincial Education Department, as well as being generously supported by Kwalata Lodge, both financially and with the aid of their friendly and helpful staff. Lunches were provided to all the 2400 students, many of whom come from disadvantaged communities.

It was a very special event which hopefully sparked interest and greater understanding amongst all who attended.



IAVM is delighted to announce a new online course “Vedic Maths for Educators” in partnership with Trigyn Technologies. The key to success of this initiative is to provide training for teachers, together with provision of pedagogically sound resources. Please take a look at the detailed description and logistics of the course. We encourage you to enroll your teachers to this customized course that will give them practical tools to be successful in everyday classrooms.

We extend a warm invitation for you to join our free information webinar session on 21 August 2023 at 3:30 pm to learn more about the course and what it entails. There will be a special slot in the schedule to answer any queries.

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.



This is a competition aimed at testing VM techniques, speed of calculation and mathematical acumen. The competition is organized by the IAVM and is in six categories: Primary A, Primary B, Junior, Intermediate, Senior, and Open. Details to come soon: see IAVM website.



Kenneth Williams new book on Calculus, following on from the introductory book “The Art of Calculus”, includes a full proof of the ‘master-formula’ from the book “The Crowning Gem – One Master-formula for solving Powers, Roots and Polynomial Equations”.

This new book is awaiting publication, but if you have the Crowning Gem book, or have done this online course, we would be glad to send you a copy of this proof. Just reply to this newsletter stating your wish.



I recently had a request to factor a 7th power polynomial equation, ‘Vedic-style’. I sent back my answer, and the next day, wondering how the method used would extend generally I looked online for some polynomials to solve, and came across the exact same septic I had been sent the day before. There were several solutions, all very long and cumbersome. The polynomial is x7 + x2 + 1. If you can factor this easily please send your solution. We can publish it, and mine, in the next newsletter.
Ken Williams





The 9th Online Vedic Mathematics Conference was hosted by The Institute of Advancement of Vedic Mathematics on June 10th and 11th, 2023.

This conference, held annually, has the purpose of advancing education and research in Vedic Mathematics for public benefit as per the terms of charitable status. It acts as a focus for interested parties to come together and share experiences and ask questions.

Day 1 - June 10th, 2023

Enthusiasts from India, UK, Philippines, Spain, USA, Japan, Abu Dhabi, Netherlands, and Italy joined to listen and watch original research in Vedic Maths and VM initiatives across the world.

The conference started with a welcome note and an overview of IAVM 2022 activities by Swati Dave, CEO, IAVM.

This was followed by a brilliant and insightful keynote address by Nilesh Oak. [Youtube Video]. The talk was well appreciated by the audience. This was evident in the warm and enthusiastic feedback received. Example: "Brilliant presentation...motivating me to explore more." and "Thank you Nilesh Sir! Honestly feels like I can just keep listening on and on."

James Glover, Chairman IAVM, gave a short speech thanking Nilesh Oak for his wonderful appreciation of the modern application of Vedic knowledge.

The IAVM team had an exciting line up of speakers for the next 3+ hours. Muthuselvi Parabhu, Tanmay Deepak, Angela Pierre and Ramya N. presented their research papers, and other speakers highlighted their experiences with Vedic Mathematics and their initiatives to promote VM.


June 10, 2023 - DAY 1


Welcome/Logistics and IAVM (USA)

Swati Dave (USA)


Keynote Speech

Nilesh Oak (USA)


Trigyn Technologies

Dr. Rajmohan Rao

CBIT, Hyderabad

Dr. Suresh Babu (India)

CCSU, Meerut

Prof Shivraj Singh (India)


Quadratic Solutions – Special and General Method

Muthuselvi Prabhu (India)

Survey - Student perspective towards subject of mathematics

Tanmay Deepak (Dubai)

VM Experience/Initiatives

VM Experience

Sreenivasa A. (USA)

VM Experience

Dr. Samridhi Mehta (India)

11th SRS All Goa Vedic Mathematics Test (Initiative)

Sagar Sakordekar (India)

VM Experience

Dr Magda Klopper (SA)




Angela Pierri (Italy)

Application of Vedic Maths Sutras in Counting Shapes

Ramya N (Netherlands)

Cross Cultural Exchange by Vedic Mathematics:
Exploring Mathematical Traditions and Integrating Knowledge

Dr. Pooja Rani (India)

VM Initiatives


Ike Prudente (Philippines)


Kanmani G. (Japan)


Whilmar V. (Philippines)


VM Tunisia (Tunisia)


Wheel of Numbers

Angela Pierri (Italy)


How Nikhilam division works

Chandrahas Halai (India)

Closing Remarks

IVMO 2022 report and IVMO 2023

James Glover (UK)


Day 2- June 11th, 2023

Day 2 started with a celebration of the winners for the Lilavati 2023 competition, followed by readings of the winning entries. Nearly sixty entries of poems, puzzles and riddles were judged for creativity, originality, math concepts.

There were five levels of entry according to age as, Under 8, 8 – 10, 11 – 13, 14 – 16 and Open category. The judges agreed not to rank the Under 8s as, originally, this was not a published category. Nevertheless, certificates were awarded.

We also announced the publication of Lilavati Book-2022, a beautifully illustrated collection of mathematical winning entries from last year’s competition.

This is now available for purchase on our website. A book containing an illustrated selection of this year’s entries will be available in due course.

After the exciting Lilavati segment the stage was set for the parallel workshops for teachers and educators, students (G3-G7) and students (G8 and above). There were about 100 participants who took advantage of the free workshops presented by experienced teachers and trainers.

Workshop Schedule

Teachers & Educators

Gowri R. (India)

Introduction and Nikhilam Multiplication

Muthuselvi Prabhu (India)

Vertically and Crosswise Multiplication including comparisons with Nikhilam Multiplication

Sripathi Sripada (India)

Divisibility Tests using Osculators

Sreenivasa Ainapurapu (USA)

Division by 9, Digital Roots, Patterns and checking answers



Muthuselvi Prabhu (India)

Introduction + Nikhilam Subtraction

Sreenivasa Ainapurapu (USA)

Practical calculations using Vedic Mathematics

Ramya N. (Netherlands)

Digital roots and puzzles

Prajakti Gokhale (India)

Magic Squares


 (G8 and above)

James Glover (UK)

Introduction and Nikhilam Multiplication

Sripathi Sripada (India)

Divisibility Tests using Osculators

Prajakti Gokhale (India)

Financial Mathematics

James Glover (UK)

Analytic Geometry - Straight Line Graphs


IAVM wish to express their gratitude to all the participants together with a special thank you to the speakers and the workshop trainers.


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