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If you are learning Vedic Maths, let us know how you are getting on and what you think of this system.

This issue's article is the first of a pair of linked articles by Dr S. K. Cosmic Kapoor. This first article lays down the background for the next which is entitled: "To chase the manifestation of cube".


1. '3-space' with focus upon its linear dimensions makes 'mathematics, sciences and technologies' of this space being of 'linear features'.
2. Cube as representative regular body of 3-space with 'Volume of a cube' as dominant expression being domain fold of this as manifestation layer makes 'mathematics, sciences and technologies' of this space, being of 'physical content lump' features.
3. From minutest granule to the biggest solid, the whole range, being of same physical content features as well as of identical linear dimensional axes characteristics, as such within each point of 3-space stands inherently in-built a three dimensional frame so 'the mathematics, sciences and technologies' of this space are of 'macro state' features.
4. As the origin from which the axes of 3 dimensional frame remaining sealed and dormant at 0 value, so 'mathematics, sciences and technologies' of this space essentially remain to be of 'monad nature' of linear quantifiers.
5. The monad nature essentially being of features of 'monad' always coming into play 'as a whole', therefore 'the mathematics, sciences and technologies' of this space are to be of 'positive features', and conceptually, the sequential progression is to be of 'one directional flow' alone.
6. Being of one directional flow alone, as such, its processing potentialities are to be only of 'half range', and other half range is always to remain un covered by its processing systems.
7. The working out of second half of the range in terms of the first half of the range makes the processing of this space 'as of forced symmetries', sacrificing the zero and negative artifices attributes.
8. The working bias of 'forced symmetry' deserves to be compensated failing which the Reality is bound to go guised and its restoration is bound to be accepted as an impossibility.
9. The Reality so processed under forced symmetric acceptance is to deprive of not only of the existence of four and higher dimensional spaces but also the lower, negative, zero as well as one and two spaces as well have to remain beyond reach.
10. The range of 'two and one' spaces would get disguised underneath the processing steps of first and second of the 3 axes of three-dimensional frame of 3-space, and the processing in respect of one and two space, as such would be of those spaces within 3-space, and not as of their independent existence as 1-space and 2-space respectively.
11. Euclids and Descartes were duped, and all of us, not being conscious of this trap, are also the easy preys of it.
12. The answer and remedy for ensured escape is to first concentrate upon the Creator's space (4-space), and then the cube as representative regular body of 3-space be approached as creation manifesting along the four folds manifestation format supplied by Creator's space.
13. 'The cube' as manifested creation is of four folds, of which 1-space is playing the role of dimension and its content lump is manifesting as the dimension fold.
14. '2-space' is playing the role of boundary and its content lump is manifesting as the boundary fold.
15. '3-space' is playing the role of domain and its content lump is manifesting as the domain fold.
16. '4-space' is playing the role of origin and its content lump is manifesting as the origin fold.
17. A step ahead, the chase is to be of the way the transcendental base of Creator's space fulfills the Creator's space with solid quantifiers, and the cube has its distinct role but as along the transcendence range of five folds, the fifth in sequence being the role of 5-space itself otherwise lively at the base of the Creator's space.
18. As such, the sadkhas fulfilled with an intensity of urge to fully know and completely chase the different roles of '3-space' and hence 'the mathematics, sciences and technologies of 3-space' shall permit their mind to transcend following the way Creator's space is fulfilled with transcendental features and the way creations automatically attain self referral features.





A talk/lecture session on Vedic Mathematics has been arranged at "Bharatiya Sanskriti Samsad" on 16th July 2005 in their auditorium. The program has been arranged by World Academy for Vedic Mathematics in collaboration with Bharatiya Sanskriti Samsad. Debmalya Banerjee will be giving the lecture.
For details and registration pl. contact: Mr.Sandip Kumar Agarwal:98303-43326/Sri Ram Chamaria:93310-00030
It was recently discovered from the event archive of Samsad that Swamiji Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji
conducted a workshop at Samsad 50 years back. Noted Indian Scientist Prof. Satyen Bose was also wih him at that time. Infact one of the participants of his workshop is still alive and has prepared a writeup about the experience of attending Swamiji`s workshop and is getting circulated to all the media houses in the city.

A workshop on Vedic Mathematics has been arranged by RCC Institute of Information Technology in collaboration with World Academy for Vedic Mathematics on 25th July 2005.
The workshop will be conducted by Debmalya Banerjee of WAVM. The Contact person is Mr.Thakurprasad Bhattacharya who can be reached at 098300 63280.The workshop will be of 2.45 hrs to 3 hrs duration. It will start at 11:30 am.


The VM Course no. 5 is completing its first phase of lessons 1 to 100, and the second phase is being devoted to be source sutras beginning with Ganita Sutras 1 to 5. I am planning to enlist 100 features a day for 100 days to focus upon the Source Sutras for the sadkhas fulfilled with an intensity of urge to chase the Discipline of Vedic mathematics, science and technology. The course is accessed at http://www.learn-and-teach-vedic-mathematics.com/

I think a pointed news item about this aspect may help the senior teachers and scholars of Vedic mathematics of Ganita Sutras fold to have further insight about the transcendental features and potentialities of Vedic mathematics in its Ganita Sutras fold which may help dissolve the mental blocks of present times about the affine geometries, measures theories, topologies, existence in different states within different frames, continuity through transitions, the cyclic features of systems and all that.


A new newsletter has been launched, called "Vedika, the Newsletter of the Vedic Maths Forum". It is bi-monthly and the first issue, for June 2005, describes amongst other things a recent 6-day course (14th-19th May) that was a huge success. The newsletter, which is in pdf format and is very well done, also includes puzzles, math jokes and comments of participants who attended the course. If you would like to subscribe to this newsletter send an email to Gaurav Tekriwal at with subject line: "Vedika Subscription". Vedika-The Newsletter will be sent to you through email.


Another article has been written at 'Simple Sums' and can be viewed at: www.simplesums.org. It is entitled 'The Minister's Deficit', and shows how a government minister might use Vedic Mathematics in his/her work. See also the neat gadget for combining bar numbers.

A sample animation has also just been published for multiplication by 11, which can be adapted for any language. All we need are the adaptations for the words "first", "last", "together", "middle", "answer", in the context of the example. If anyone sends us these words in their own language we will be happy to include the adaptation.


Two projects have been sent to us from ICFAI College of Education, Hyderabad , India. These are by students studying for a B.A. degree. One shows the results of teaching the 'Vertically and crosswise' multiplication method to 10 students of 7th standard and showed very significant increases in the accuracy and decreases in time taken with the Vedic method. The other compares the two special methods of solving simultaneous equations with the conventional method and also shows very significant improvements using the Vedic method.


If anyone knows of VM books written in Spanish or in German please contact us at


A Four-day Vedic -Maths workshop was jointly organized by the Habitat World and the World Academy of Vedic Mathematics at the India Habitat Centre during the period 17-20 May, 2005. Twenty eight children of 9-12 years age group participated in the workshop. They sat for 2 hrs each day at a stretch. They listened the teacher with rapt attention. Mr. R. P. Jain, Vice-President, W.A. V. M. did all the ground work in organizing the workshop. He did the Herculean task of making this possible and excellently successful.
Mr. O. P. Sawhney, Director, Akshay Aastha Institute Of Vedic Mathematics, New Delhi happily imparted the elementary training to the anxious kids who took active interest in receiving the new and lively knowledge. Mr. Sawhney taught the kids new ways of subtraction, multiplication , division, concept of bar numbers, squaring of numbers. He also taught the kids the presence of some magical numbers say for example 37 and 37037 and their unique properties. He also told them the much liked concept of one line multiplication together with multiplication of a given number by 11, 99, 999, 101, 1001 and division by nine along with the idea of the digit sum.
Mr. Sawhney was assisted by Mr. Maruti Sharma who took active interest in teaching the students about learning the much important tables with the help of fingers. He also motivated the students to participate in the very very helpful quiz programme towards the end of the workshop.
All the students were given beautiful certificates of participation in the workshop. As a result of the quiz programme the three winners were awarded prizes in the form of books. Mr. R. P. Jain was kind enough to preside over the prize distribution function. After the workshop there was a photographic session as well.

From Mr R P Jain on 21st May:-
The leading T.V channels in India like Zee News / AJ Tak covered these workshops. Times Foundation will publish article tomorrow morning for the Kolkata workshop & later these Delhi workshops since they were looking for good photographs. Another newspaper, PIONEER published a good article 2/3 days ago & another Hindi daily, Dainik Bhaskar will be publishing a major article in Hindi which will be circulated in 8 states in India. Another well known magazine, OUTLOOK from New Delhi are also planning a very thorough article. NDTV are likely to show on their channel toward the end of this month or beginning of June.


The workshop was done in collaboration with Rotoract Club of Calcutta Metropolitan, sponsored by Rotary Club of Calcutta Metropolitan (R.I.Dist 3290) and was attended by around 40 candidates. The age of the participants ranged between eleven years to sixty-nine years. Most of them were of course in their mid-twenties and thirties and a number of them are M.B.A aspirants. Even some people came with their entire family. Some senior members as well as office bearers of Rotary club of Calcutta Metropolitan also came to attend the same. The workshop started from 04:00 p.m. and continued till 07:00 p.m. The workshop was conducted by Debmalya Banerjee; the faculty of the academy on the subject from Kolkata.The event was encouraged and supported by Times Foundation. The event was covered by the Times News Network, too. The Pre-event enthusiasm reached such a peak that the organizers had a tough time to handle the enquiries.

The response of the crowd was absolutely overwhelming. Lot of questions was asked as the workshop had interactive session too. The expert not only explained the Vedic Methods of Calculation but also gave a brief introduction of the subject too. The participants were eager to know the books, which are available on this subject and also the kind of courses. Many were keen to know what are the topics that are unfolded in the advanced levels of Vedic Mathematics. The workshop was attended by people who had varied academic profile. Some of them were chartered accountants, students (school, college, and engineering schools), Mathematics teachers, engineers, and M.B.A aspirants. At the end the participants summed up the importance of Vedic Mathematics.

A comprehensive idea about Vedic Mathematics supported by examples in Nikhilam, Ekadhikena Purvena, Urdhava Tiryagbvyam etc. were shown and also various types of multiplication rules were explained. The expert also spoke to the participants about the kind of activities that's going on across the globe pertaining to this subject. The workshop though initially was planned for two and half hours continued for half an hour more due to the positive, enthusiastic and interactive response of the participants.

Certificate of participation was awarded to all the participants on a joint basis by "World Academy" and Rotaract Club.


I run a coaching class in Mumbai for different types of competitive exams for stds 4th upto 8th. Also coach regular maths and science subjects for stds 8,9 & 10.
The 1st batch was conducted from 16-5-2005 to 21-5-2005, 24 students participated

2nd and 3rd batches were held from 6-6-2005 to 11-6-2005. In these 2 batches 44 students took part. In all 68 students have successfully completed my workshop. Student age group: 5, 6 and 7th std only. In all the batches, the training was done for 6 days in a row (each lecture was of one & half hour )

Another 2 batches are planned in the month of Jun-July 2005. Course fee: Rs 400/-

Batch no 4: Basic course on Vedic Maths
Students: 5th and 6th standard only
Time: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Dates: starts from 26-6-2005 for 5 Sundays, total training of 10 hours

Batch no 5: Basic course on Vedic Maths
Students: 7th, 8th standards only
Time: 3 - 5 pm
Dates: starts from 26-6-2005 for 5 Sundays, total training of 10 hours

Training location: Vile Parle-East, Mumbai
contact person: Sunil Sohani, Mumbai, India [Tel 26826249 or 55702646]
e-mail: or



Registered Address: Vishwa Punarnirman Sangh, Raval Bhawan, Near Telankhedi Garden, Nagpur-440 001, India.
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7th July 2005


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