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This issue's article is from the Times Of India Pune; Date: Apr 21, 2008; Section: Times City; Page: 4. Written by Laxmi Birajdar.



Undergraduate students from the COEP have used Vedic mathematics to decrease the time taken to execute programming commands on a computer
Applying the simple calculation tricks of Vedic mathematics to computer coding is a novel attempt at smart number crunching. That's what Ashish Joglekar, Ajinkya Kale and Shaunak Vaidya - undergraduate students from College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) - did to come up with an algorithm for implementation of effective coding commands on the computer.

Using the Paravartya Sutra from Vedic mathematics, the trio put across these calculations in their research paper, 'A Novel Binary Division Algorithm Based on Vedic Mathematics and Applications to Polynomial Division'.

"We've used Vedic mathematics to decrease the time taken to execute programming commands on a computer," explains Ashish.

This particular paper has been taken from their very first research effort at calculations through Vedic maths - "An Efficient Binary Multiplication Algorithm Based on Vedic Mathematics," - a research paper they presented this March at NCTCT '08 - a conference on the latest trends in computing technology in Chennai. Apparently, Ajinkya, Shaunak and Ashish were the only undergraduate engineering students to have participated in this event, which comprised M Techs.

Vedic maths facilitates quick and easy mental calculations. But what mattered to these students was adapting the mathematical derivations to the computer language of binary system -comprising only two numbers, 0 and 1. "We've used Vedic maths to devise a dividend and a divisor, using constants and variables, to arrive upon quotients and remainders that further elucidate the algorithm for quicker computing," says Ajinkya.

It is not surprising that the mathematical geniuses will show their research during a presentation at 'The 2008 International Conference on Applied Computing', which is a part of Worldcomp' 08 - the World Congress on Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Applied Computing - that will be held in Las Vegas, USA, from July 14 to 17 this year.

Judged on a scale of one to 10 at Worldcomp's screening, the paper has scored exceptionally well on originality, technical quality, readability and presentation. It has even been recommended as a publishable paper in journals.

Their 20-min presentation has also been included in the prestigious Regular Research Paper (RPR) category, usually meant for papers by PhDs. They were guided by their faculty, Professor A.A. Sawant, head of department of computer science at COEP and Vinakay Joshi in fine-tuning this research paper.

The students' exceptional command over mathematics should not come as a surprise. Having educated themselves in Vedic mathematics since childhood, these students value its benefits, especially for calculations in modern gadgetry. "Vedic mathematics calculations for certain programming commands are less complex and don't require tables of numbers used," says Ajinkya.

In future, they see themselves making a career in engineering research. "We want to come up with algorithms based on Vedic mathematics for dedicated chips," Ashish says.





Congratulations to the young men who have done the research described in the article above. The title of the paper is " A Novel Binary Division Algorithm Based on Vedic Mathematics and Applications to Polynomial Division " - Ajinkya Kale, Ashish Joglekar, Shaunak Vaidya.

They write "We are investigating into 2 more areas and have found good results but to do further research and at the same time attend the conference at Las Vegas is giving us some financial problems." The conference is in Las Vegas in July. http://www.world-academy-of-science.org/worldcomp08/ws

If you can help them to continue their work and to attend their Conference please contact us at mailto:


The Vedic Mathematics Academy was formed in 1999 to spread knowledge of this unique system of mathematics. Now the first course is being offered. It will be an introductory course of about 18 hours given as two 2-hour lessons per week. There will be a test at the end and a certificate will be issued to those successfully completing the course. This will be given in a virtual classroom so that anyone anywhere can take the course who has a computer and a broadband connection.

If you are interested and would like to know more please email us at mailto: for more details and a course syllabus. The course will be given by Kenneth Williams who has many years experience in developing the Vedic system and giving VM courses. An Advanced course will be available at a later date for those who complete the Introductory course.


R.Sujaritha is now giving Vedic mathematics lessons in Oman and this is proving very popular. So if you live there take advantage and contact her at
Also see her Blog: http://vedic-maths.blogspot.com/.


I am sending you the tables of consecutive 2 digit number multiplied by 9 ,You can get the answer by writing the1st digit of the multiplicand as it is. The Second digit will be 'Zero". The third digit will be the Complement of the second digit of the Multiplicand from 10.

1 2 X 9 = 1 0 8
2 3 X 9 = 2 0 7
3 4 X 9 = 3 0 6
4 5 X 9 = 4 0 5
5 6 X 9 = 5 0 4
6 7 X 9 = 6 0 3
7 8 X 9 = 7 0 2
8 9 X 9 = 8 0 1.


From Age 11 - 16 years
Dates : June 23rd - 27th 2008
Time : From 11.30 am to 1.30 pm
Venue : India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Vedic Mathematics expert from Kolkata, Debmalya Banerjee, faculty,
The World Academy of Vedic Mathematics

For registration & further information please contact Renu Oberoi
Tel # 41220000 Extn : 3080
Collaboration : Motilal Banarsidass


Here Sumit Sharma shows the well-known Vedic method for squaring numbers ending in 5 and then develops it further.

I am sending a very interesting method of square of the no. which has 5 as the last digit.
If we want to square any number having 5 as last digit, for ex. 35, we write 25 at the last part of the answer & multiply 3 with increasing i.e. 4 to get 12 as the second part. The solution is 1225.
This is so common method but effective & simple but only for below numbers 125 or 135. After that it becomes little difficult.
So in my method, I use that method as supported method or we can say that my method is an application of that method.
1852 =(18+9)*1,852 =34225

2652= (26+7)*2,652= 70225

Thus (abc)2 = (ab+(b+1))*a, (bc)2,where c is always 5.


I am a middle school math teacher. I came across your website while looking for sites of interest and help for my niece who often struggles in the subject. I tried some of the tutorials and found them to be quick, clearly explained, and fun! I can't wait to share this information with my own students. Please include me on your newsletter list, and thank you.
Cissy Spear


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3rd June 2008


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