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This issue's article is an account of a Panel Discussion on Vedic Mathematics at the
National Seminar on Technology and Innovation in Mathematics Education;
TIME 2007 IIT Powai, Bombay, India, 3rd December 2007. It is written by Gaurav Tekriwal.



The Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay organized a 4-day event on Math education for mathematics teachers from schools and colleges all over India. The theme for the conference was " Instead of making kids love the Maths they hate, make the math they would love". The two main themes were the role of technology in teaching mathematics and innovative practices in teaching mathematics.

As part of the conference, there was a Panel Discussion on Vedic Mathematics organized where the pros and cons of Vedic Mathematics were discussed and it was decided whether or not Vedic Mathematics should be used in our school curriculum.

There were four speakers invited to be a part of the topic, 2 speaking for and 2 speaking against the motion. The speakers for were Mr. P. K. Srivathsa, an active promoter of Vedic Mathematics, from R. V. College of Management and Scholar from Indian Institute of Science, Mr. Gaurav Tekriwal, President The Vedic Maths Forum India. Speakers against the motion were Prof. S. G. Dani, Head Maths Department, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Prof. Subramanium from Homi Bhabha Atomic Energy Department, TIFR Bombay.

Prof. A. Ranade from IIT Bombay was the Moderator for the Discussion and he introduced the speakers and moderated the entire event.

The first speaker was Prof. Dani who spoke on why Vedic Mathematics shouldn't be used in the school curriculum and how it does not add any benefit to a student. He stressed on the point that there were no Ancient Indian Texts where the sutras were mentioned and also said that the need for mental calculation isn't there as we have calculators, which are readily available. He said that the sutras are confusing and are open to interpretation at various levels and he even cited examples. He said that there is no need for mental calculations and that it is like running fast like a runner without any cause. He also said that there were no papers published by Vedic Mathematicians in International Math Journals of repute. He mentioned several other points as well and a detail of his paper can be found on his website.

The next speaker was Mr. P. K. Srivathsa who highlighted the tremendous benefits of the Vedic Math system. He highlighted examples and showed the audience how Vedic Math is really beneficial to a student. He gave point by point benefits of the Vedic Math system and talked about Ancient Indian Mathematics and the contributions made by various Ancient Indian Mathematicians including Bharti Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja in his Book Vedic Mathematics. He stressed that Vedic Mathematics goes on to save time in the examinations and becomes a powerful checking tool. He also spoke on Ancient Vedic Yantra Bandhas and Mantra Bandhas which are helpful and showed the extent to which they can be used.

The next speaker was Prof. Subramanium who basically highlighted that the textbooks on Vedic Math for students were not relevant and they had misinformation. He cited paragraphs from books 'Vedic Mathematics for Schools' by James Glover and Cosmic Calculator by Kenneth R. Williams and Mark Gaskell where some definitions seemed confusing and misleading. He also cited Vedic Mathematics to be some formulas that worked and not a full proof system and compared it to his Benny's Mental Mathematics where some formulas worked and some did not. He questioned the audience to judge the implications of the text books on Vedic Mathematics which are available and to take a decision.

The next speaker was Mr. Gaurav Tekriwal who brought to the fore front for the first time that the sources of The Vedic Math Sutras were contained in Srimad Bhagawatam 10.3.25 and some portions from Lilavati. These revelations he declared were given to him by the current Shankaracharya of Govardhan Matha (Puri ) the birth place of Vedic Mathematics. He also mentioned that the Supreme Court of India has brought out a judgment on 12th September 2002 which cited that Vedic Mathematics can be used as a computational aid and it cannot be excluded just because the word vedic was in its term. He also showed the papers presented in International Journals by scholars such as Himanshu Thapliyal who presented Vedic Math based research papers at conferences organized by NASA, INTEL, IEEE etc. He also showed how Vedic Mathematics is being used by the west, and organizations such as Math Monkey are playing a leading role and it is being truly accepted by the Western Countries as an alternative learning medium- something which makes math easier. Instead of being apathetic towards our own culture we should be accepting it and not leave Vedic Math to the fate as Basmati, Yoga and Haldi.

An interesting event happened when he showed that Vedic Mathematics was being used by NCERT, Gargi College, under the Delhi University and Rajasthan Board of Education.
The Joint Director of NCERT Mr. Ravindra who was present there stood up and said that it is not present in the curriculum of NCERT. To which Mr. Tekriwal said that he has the books from NCERT and that he also gave a Teachers Training Program and also cited paragraphs from the Websites of NCERT and Ministry of Human Resources and quoted Arjun Singh, Minister of HRD who recognizes that the NCERT Books does have portions of Vedic Mathematics. To which there was no response even later by email from Mr. Ravindra, Joint Director NCERT. What could have happened is that NCERT revises its curriculum every year and it may have removed those portions in the current syllabus for the year 2007 for reasons unknown.

This goes on to say that to try and implement Vedic Math in the curriculum is futile because Vedic Math is so powerful that it may seek to remove the current maths curriculum which the Math teachers don't want because that would require new teaching and revising of the curriculum. Hence the best way to bring Vedic Math to the mainstream would be to have more Workshops, Seminars, Promote Books and DVDs, Vedic Math Exhibitions, Involve the children in the Math Laboratory with demonstrations of Vedic Math etc. This will promote Vedic Math in the country of its origin.

There was then a 15-minute question and answer round and each panelist were invited to make their closing comments and questions were taken from the audience.

The Vedic Maths Forum India would like to thank Prof. I. K. Rana from IIT Bombay for organizing this beautiful discussion on Vedic Mathematics and all the fellow panelists and the Math Teachers who attended the discussion.

The complete session has been put on a 2-hour video and can be accessible from The Vedic Maths Forum India. You can email your request if you would like to procure a video copy of the 2-hour panel discussion on Vedic Mathematics. For photographs of the event please feel free to go to the Photo Gallery Album at http://www.vedicmathsindia.org



An excellent set of eight DVDs is now available which goes into all the main aspects of Vedic Mathematics. We have seen a copy and can recommend it, whether you are a Vedic Maths beginner or would like to go more deeply into the subject. You can see details at http://www.vedicmaths.org/DVD/DVD.asp or http://www.vedicmathsindia.org/DVD.htm


This is another article by Ganesh S. Hegde, (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, R. V. College of Engineering, Bangalore- 560059, email ID: ). It gives a new algebraic formulation of the Vedic multiplication methods. You can see the article on our website at http://www.vedicmaths.org/Free%20Resources/Articles/articles.asp


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To promote this revolutionary concept for the first time WiZiQ.com in collaboration with 'The Vedic Maths Forum India' is conducting a live Online session on High Speed Multiplication through Vedic Mathematics. The session makes an attempt to explain the unconventional aspects of the methods to help you understand and implement the concepts for improved mathematical thinking. The session will be hosted by Gaurav Tekriwal who is the President of the Vedic Maths forum of India. The forum has been conducting workshops for teachers and students of prominent educational establishments all over India.

The forum has been helping students achieve their target scores in examinations such as SAT and GMAT and has a regular student base in India, Unites States and the United Kingdom. The forum aims to realize the hidden potential of a students and develop their mental faculties whereby eliminating the fear of Mathematics completely. This session while in the test phase has got an amazing response and is now ready for full launch now in January 2008.

We have organised a Free Online Session on High Speed Multiplication using Vedic Math Methods to show this to the world.
Saturday, 19 January, 2008
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When students register for the Complete Power ONline High Speed Vedic Maths Course spanning 9 Days and a total duration of 18hours they will be sent further details to come to the workshop. All participants will be awarded a Certificate from the Institution on completion of the Online Course. This is the next level of Education in this information age. All you need is a set of speakers, an Internet connected computer and a Browser to avail the benefit of this class Online.

The page is up at http://www.vedicmathsindia.org/Vedic-mathematics-workshop.htm


I wish every one a very Happy New Year. I was teaching Vedic maths classes at Chennai, India and now moved to Al wadi kabir, Muscat. I have started classes here from January 2008. I came across your book Mr. Kenneth Williams, Teachers Manual. It is simply superb. The explanations were very clear so that all the individual can understand. Nightmare before the maths exams will be over if the child practises this Vedic system.

I am proud to be an Active Associate of THE VEDIC MATHS FORUM OF INDIA. I thank Mr. Gaurav for giving me this opportunity to work for him.
It is the encouragement and support of Mr. Kenneth Williams for all the Educators and Promoters and this makes us to work hard to spread this amazing system of Vedic Mathematics throughout the world.
You can feel free to contact me in this regard to my mail- id:


The school is situated at sector-46 Gurgaon. It was established in May 2007. I have taken the workshop of children from class vii to class ix. I had conducted the introductory workshop in DPS Gurgaon, on 28 Oct and one workshop at Air Force school Gurgaon on 21 Nov. Both the workshops were attended by math teachers & HOD, all had appreciated the method of doing multiplication of two digit no., squaring of digit ending with 5 and starting with 5, squaring of two digit number. My mission is to take this method to each & every child of my country. The duration of workshop is 1.5 hr and after the workshop student has done worksheet of 10 sums having above mentioned topic. They completed the worksheet just in 2 min. by seeing the speed of calculation all teacher, headmistress & principal madam were surprised & even student themselves wondered to see their speed.
Munish Verma, The school of vedic mathematics, Gurgaon (Delhi)-122001


An Indian centre in New Ham, London are looking for a Vedic Mathematics teacher who can give a series of workshops. Please contact us at mailto: if you are interested in this.


If you can give regular private/group tutoring in Central London for Vedic/Trachtenberg/Rapid math calculations please contact . The student is interested in an hour/week or so and can travel to the tutor if necessary.


Are there any teachers or centres in Singapore who teach vedic maths? Please contact us at mailto:.


...... Multiplication of any number with 9 in the units place......

1) 19 * 7 = First part of the answer (7*successor of 1 of 19) - 1 /
Second part of the answer - Complement of 7
= (7*2)-1 / 3 = 133
2) 39 * 4 = (4*successor of 3 of 39) - 1 / Complement of 4
= (4*4)-1 /6 = 156
3) 79 * 8 = (8*successor of 7 of 79) - 1 / Complement of 8
= (8*8)-1 / 2 = 632
4)119 *3 = (3*successor of 11 of 119) - 1 / Complement of 3
= (3*12)-1 / 7 = 357
5)1499*5 = (5*successor of 149 of 1499) - 1 / Complement of 5
= (5*150)-1 / 5 = 7495

Simple and quick.
Hemalatha Sridhar []



I just happened upon your website and am amazed at such simplicity! Within a
few moments of playing around on the tutorial and my world has changed. I
cannot wait until the rest of the household awakens so I can show them my
new speedy brain...and then show them how to be so quick!

I would like to subscribe to your newsletter and am interested in
obtaining the back issues. I am not involved in any heady, important math
position; I just love numbers. I was a Kumon Instructor, though, about
ten years ago and seeing Vedic Math makes me cringe when I realize how
many unnecessary steps the students had to take to arrive at an answer.
What a waste of brain time!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and understanding of Vedic with the
world. I am glad to be enlightened!
Claudia Brow

I can't believe it has taken me more than 20 years to find Vedic Maths. I figured some of these things out as a young kid, was celebrated, then misunderstood and went off the rails.

I've managed to get back on the rails but have so far not rekindled my love of numbers. I'm very excited to receive your newsletter, attend lectures and generally find out more.


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